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2023 Varsity Award Recipients

Most Valuable Player of the Year

Chase Jarrett ('24)

McCarthy Brothers Scholar Athlete of the Year

James Marshall ('24)

Rising Star Award Offense

Mikhail Solomon ('26)

Rising Star Award Defense

​Alex Tate ('25)


Offensive Player of the Year

Waltez Clark ('25)

Offensive Player of the Year

J.C Mirasola ('25)

Most Improved Offensive Player

Tripp Brown ('26)

Offensive Lineman of the Year

Naquan Clark ('24)

Offensive Playmaker

Waltez Clark ('25)

Offensive Unsung Hero Award for Underrated Player

Hugh McIntyre ('24)


Defensive Players of the Year

Ty Conze ('25)

Alex Tate ('25)

Most Improved Defensive Player

Jamel Walls ('25)

Defensive Lineman of the Year

Ty Conze ('25)

Defensive Difference Maker

Chase Jarrett ('24)

Defensive Unsung Hero Award for Underrated Player

Jamel Walls ('25)


Special Teams Player of the Year

Camilo Nanfra ('24)

Maddox Cowart ('24)

Coach Wild Bill Minahan "Heart of a Champion" Award

Creighton Koontz ('24)

Mackenzie Minahan "Inspiration of Courage" Award

Brayden Sulliven ('24)

Palios-McNutt "Iron Man" Toughness Award

Trey O'Malley ('24)

Becky Brandes Walker "Radiant Joy and Hope" Award

Titus Patterson ('25)

Cindy Ruff " Pride of the Panthers" Servant Leadership Award

Cannon Tibbals ('24)

Walter Baldwin "Love for the P" Dedication Award

Deron Manuel ('26)

Robert Weiner "All In" Unselfish Player Award

Ben MacKinnon ('25)

Roland Acosta "Captain Award" for Leadership

Chase Jarrett ('24)

Vernon F. Korhn, Jr. "Panther of the Year" Award

Brayden Sullivan ('24)

"Point of Separation" Game Breaker Award

Waltez Clark ('25)     

"Link in the Chain" Award

J.C. Mirasola ('25)

"One Heartbeat" Teammate Award

Trey O'Malley ('24)

"Heart & Soul" Award

Chase Jarrett ('24)

"Quiet Warrior" Award

Andrew Mosher ('25)

"Trust the Process" Personal Growth Award

Brand Farrior ('25)

"DNA" Award

Zyrohn Canady ('26)

"Earn It" Hustle Award

Waltez Clark ('25)

"The 12th Man" Award

Heath Brickman ('25)

"Faceless Hero" Lineman Award

Offense - Timmy Gilbert ('27)

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